232-Amp+ Mixer/Amp makes even the dumbest wall panel look smart


The 232-Amp+ Mixer Amplifier is a popular solution for small-room amplification. And no wonder. The plenum-rated amp has 3 inputs – 2 mono and 1 stereo line level, 40 watts stereo speaker output and programmable mix/ducking. It’s a Class D amp, so it draws almost no power when there’s no sound.

The unit has versatile RS-232 control, operable from any control system. However, over the years, and with the market driving prices down, “intelligent” wall panels aren’t all that smart anymore. Simple system commands, such as starting volume ramping up when a button is pressed, then stopping the ramp when it’s released – can’t be done.

In response, we’ve added a few functions that make wall panels smarter.

For example (geek alert here), sending a >V0=1,255 CR* command will bump the volume up one step every time the panels Volume Up button is clicked, and >V0=1,254 CR will send the volume down one step.

You can also create an intelligent Mute command by sending >V0=2,0 CR. This command sets the maximum gain to zero, in this case for the stereo input. If you send a >V0=2,63 CR command, the gain will be reset to maximum. The current volume level is unaffected; the max gain setting is just acting as a mute on/off.

In some installs, a wall panel or control isn’t needed to control the amp. The unit ships with a default ducking setting, and the installer can tweak levels with a screw driver. But if you need integration with a basic controller, we can help make things work. In fact, the two commands above were added by request from a few of our dealers.

If you want to investigate more about the product check out its catalog page or manual that has full programming info.

*Carriage return command, a 0D hex command is often used as well.