Green Statement

Green Statement

Contemporary Research creates products that are beneficial to the planet as well as to your bottom line.

Rather than install new copper wiring for large-scale display networks, Contemporary Research integrates displays over existing coaxial broadband, lowering the cost for HD video and control distribution.

We engineer all our products to draw the lowest possible power, and use powder coated metal enclosures instead of plastic.

We use 100% renewable energy, drawing power solely from wind and water resources for the past five years.

CR low voltage products meet California Energy and RoHS Safety standards. We use lead free solder and lead free components in our manufacturing process, and employ energy-efficient switching power supplies to reduce power consumption.

We buy locally wherever possible to reduce the CO2 footprint associated with long-haul trucking and shipping, and support suppliers who have “green” shipping policies and who use less packaging materials. Instead of filling our landfills, we save the packing materials we receive and recycle them in shipping our finished goods to our customers.

Our “Just In Time” production system not only improves quality and saves money, it also reduces waste. One of our goals is to attain full cycle manufacturing where nothing leaves our plant other than our products.

We believe our planet is our responsibility, and we’re doing our part to make our world a better place to live for now and in the future.