Venue Vizion: Easy to Install

Venue Vizion by Contemporary Research

The bar for entertainment has never been higher. Audiences across the world have nearly unlimited access to movies, music, and other forms of digital content, all directly from their phones. So how can a venue still draw and captivate live audiences night after night? The answer is simple. Immersive digital experiences. When customers find themselves at bars,…

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How to Choose the Right Modulator or Encoder for a House of Worship AV Integration.

QMOD SDI HDMI Modulator IPTV Encoder

In recent years, the concept of what constitutes a House of Worship has grown. It can range from a small temple or chapel, all the way up to full-fledged performance venue rivaling a concert arena. One challenge all House of Worships hold in common, though, is the need to seamlessly integrate AV systems into their services. And choosing the right modulator or encoder for…

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Contemporary Research Welcomes a New Rockstar Sales Executive – Nelson Solares

It’s no simple feat blazing a path as a leading manufacturer of creative solutions for the AV sector. At Contemporary Research, our TV tuners, routers, and integration systems are second to none, designed by some of the most talented engineers in the industry. We also boast a customer service team that provides world-class support, giving customers a positive experience…

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Engineering Comprehensive Solutions

At Contemporary Research, we take pride in delivering comprehensive solutions for our customers. To do so, we work closely with integrators to discover which designs and features are needed. By learning about the specific challenges involved in integrating modulators, tuners, and encoders, we’re able to develop new and revolutionary products and upgrades to stay ahead…

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Simple is Good: Coaxial Cable Is Here to Stay

There’s nothing quite like the classics. While there have been recent advances in the use of multimode optical fiber and Category 6 structured wiring, the coaxial cable, or “coax,” is still unmatched for its ease of use, reliability and cost-effectiveness. With virtually no limitation on the distance it can cover, or in its ability to display high quality videos on…

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Keeping the Cutting Edge of A/V Sharp Through Valued Partnerships

Contemporary Research Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of smart and simple AV solutions. As we continually raise our standards for system integration strategies, the AV industry follows along. The innovations we design offer integration-friendly control, user-friendly application software and customer service, as well as second-to-none technical support.…

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