Broadcasters, from local-area TV stations to program channels such as WWE, TMZ,  and The Home Shopping Network, employ HD-SDI as the standard for the studio. However, up to recently, they didn’t have a vehicle to deliver the HD studio feed to the rest of the facility. For most sites, the high-resolution studio feed was reduced to a low-resolution analog TV for distribution over RF.

With the introduction of the QMOD-SDI HD-SDI Modulator, broadcasters could now share the live feed with everyone as an HDTV channel. For the first time, studio execs and staffers could view their programming in the same quality as their viewers.

Applications can be as simple as one HD-SDI feed for the RF system, or number of channels delivering video from multiple studios.

Local broadcasters also use 232-ATSC+ HDTV tuners to monitor the quality of their signal. Most often the HD output of the tuners is linked to HD-SDI converters made by AJA or BlackMagicDesign so the output can be fed to their HD-SDI video routing system.