Educating the AV Industry

Every June at InfoComm, Contemporary Research (CR) works closely with new and current clients, industry professionals and enthusiasts in the AV space. The CR team works hard to educate the AV industry on current product features and demonstrates new products, such as Venue Vizion, an HDTV distribution and control system. Two manufacturer rep firms, Total Marketing and…

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Venue Vizion: An Affordable Solution for HDTV Distribution and Control

Venue Vizion by Contemporary Research

Nothing engages audiences like video content, so it’s no wonder that bars, convention centers, medical offices, corporations, houses of worship, stadiums, and arenas are investing in high-definition video distribution. Integrating AV assets can be quite expensive — but it doesn’t have to be. By utilizing the RF coax that already exists in most venues, Venue Vizion…

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How to Choose the Right Modulator or Encoder for a House of Worship AV Integration.

QMOD SDI HDMI Modulator IPTV Encoder

In recent years, the concept of what constitutes a House of Worship has grown. It can range from a small temple or chapel, all the way up to full-fledged performance venue rivaling a concert arena. One challenge all House of Worships hold in common, though, is the need to seamlessly integrate AV systems into their services. And choosing the right modulator or encoder for…

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The Hybrid Video Distribution Solution

There are two primary pathways for distributing digital media facility-wide – IPTV and RF coax. While interest in IPTV is high, actual adoption has been slow. At the same time, digital RF installations have been exploding. Why? RF is digital media distribution – simplified. While IPTV runs over existing Cat5/6 wiring, full-scale adoption has been slowed by bandwidth,…

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Centralized Display Control Enhances Churchill Downs

140 years: That’s how long Louisville’s Churchill Downs racetrack has been in business, and how many years it has been home to the venerable Kentucky Derby. But one annual horse race won’t pay the bills: This is why Churchill Downs is an active racetrack that hosts races throughout the year. In doing so, Churchill Downs has to compete with every entertainment…

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