Keeping the Cutting Edge of A/V Sharp Through Valued Partnerships


Contemporary Research Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of smart and simple AV solutions. As we continually raise our standards for system integration strategies, the AV industry follows along. The innovations we design offer integration-friendly control, user-friendly application software and customer service, as well as second-to-none technical support. Contemporary Research products are all made in America, and have durability and reliability built into every design so mission critical 24/7 installations and classrooms alike are assured excellent performance. To complete our projects effectively, we’ve created strategic partnerships across the country to expand our base of representatives.

Contemporary Research recently expanded our manufacturer representatives by partnering with two dynamic companies. Visitec Marketing Associates, Inc. was founded in 1986 in St. Charles, Illinois. Visitec represents and distributes for a curated group of manufacturers that provide technology solutions for information and collaboration oriented applications. Visitec’s partnership is already assuring our service of the Midwest states is vastly enhanced, and with the recent addition of MS, TN, NC, and SC they are sure to continue to succeed.

Representing Mid-Atlantic states (PA, WV, VA, MD, DE, and southern NJ) is our other new partner, NewComm Technologies out of Philadelphia. NewComm started up in 1996, and since then has created innovative customer-oriented AV solutions by collaborating closely with dealers and manufacturers – and by backing their products with top rated customer service. Both companies match Contemporary Research Corporation’s commitment to comprehensive customer service and technical support. Going the extra mile when it comes to service and support reassures our valued clients they’ve made the only logical choice – the choice of affordable excellence.

NewComm and Visitec have joined the Contemporary Research family, and in doing so have enabled us to extend our representation in sales, manufacturing and distribution to our expanded base of customers. The promise of these partnerships has secured the stand-out reputation of Contemporary Research for decades to come.

For over 20 years, Contemporary Research Corporation has executed our mission to create original AV solutions. These solutions integrate with ease into existing infrastructures and, from installation to application software operation, provide expandable capabilities for all of our customers’ requirements in a remarkably affordable manner. By partnering with both NewComm and Visitec, Contemporary Research Corporation has vastly expanded our reach across the country to ensure our solutions continue to be the industry’s solutions for many years to come. If you’d like to learn more about Contemporary Research and our partners, visit to see what we can do for you. Visit our partners at and

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2016 Wrap Up

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