Contemporary Research 232-Amp+ Earns Plenum Rating

Dallas, TX – The Contemporary Research 232-Amp+ Stereo Mixer/Amplifier has now earned UL 2043 plenum rating.

This means that the popular mixer/amplifier can now be mounted in plenum ceilings, opening up new installation options for education, commercial and residential applications.

The 232-Amp+ is a compact, programmable mixer/amplifier aimed at integration with flat-panel displays and video projectors. This versatile amp features a stereo line-level display/projector audio input and two mono aux inputs, and outputs stereo sound at 32 Watts RMS @ 8 ohms or 40W @ 4 ohms.

The unit features RS-232 system control, a stereo and two audio inputs that can mix and duck automatically, ideal for microphone and paging applications. The Class D amplifier is highly energy-efficient, using 90% of DC power for amplification, operating with very little heat and consuming almost no power when quiet.

Tech Communication director Doug Engstrom Davis explains, “The 232-Amp has been a popular solution for school ADA compliance, and integrators have asked for plenum rating to allow above-the-ceiling installations. We were happy to comply.”

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