Contemporary Research Features Web-Based TV Control Panels

by Commercial Integrator Staff

The company’s Display Express software allows full control over any connected TV.

DX-iPad420Forget trying to figure out which remote pairs up with what TV. Contemporary Research has created a better way to channel surf.

The company features TV Control Panels to its popular Display Express software. The popular TV management system features web-based forms and control pages, allowing users to access the system via any PC or web-enabled tablet. This latest addition provides control over any connected TV, including channel flipping and volume control. It even has the ability to power TVs on and off.

Whether you want to group a bunch of TVs or just create a better way to control that one TV, the software can be set with one or more pages, for a variety of users, each with a unique login.

Any tablet driven by iOS, Android, or Windows can be used as a touch panel, with no additional wiring needed. The software is compatible with any Windows 7 Pro PC. System operation pages can be accessed over the network, while control commands travel over the existing RF coax system.

“Display Express has always been a crowd-sourced technology. A number of our integrators and end users suggested the concept, and we implemented the new feature in just a few weeks,” says Jennifer Oppenheim, developer. “In addition to new sites, our existing base of users can add the new feature with a free update.”