Contemporary Research Corporation: A History of Excellence

It’s one thing for a company to make technology that works, and another to create easy-to-integrate solutions that keep on working year after year. Contemporary Research belongs to the latter group.  Founded in 1994 by Scott Hetzler, Contemporary Research innovates and manufactures intelligent systems-integration solutions that have set the standards for the AV industry. Instead of the costly installation of wiring and signal routing for large-scale display networks, Contemporary Research implements a cost-effective HD video and control distribution system that integrates displays over existing coax cable. In addition, they engineer All-American products to draw the lowest amount of power possible and utilize powder-coated metal enclosures instead of plastic. For more than twenty years, Contemporary Research has earned a solid reputation through creating industry innovations, researching future trends, engineering new technology, delivering detail-attentive solutions, and emphasizing customer focus. With this kind of performance, it’s no wonder they have maintained several clients since day one!

Over the years, Contemporary Research has amassed a family of innovations that started with professional AV Control products and expanded to HDTV tuners, QMOD HDTV modulators, QIP IPTV Encoders and the Display Express RF control system. A dedicated engineering staff created all these products with the help of quality metalworking resources, and by incorporating valuable customer feedback to improve the product lines. Even so, CR’s success did not happen overnight.

Increasingly sophisticated customer needs create challenges to stay a step ahead. For example, there has been a clear shift from analog to digital, and there is a battle between coax and IP. One instance of Contemporary Research’s response to the shift to digital was to create the country’s first pro-grade HDTV tuner. Contemporary Research prefers RF coax over IP for video distribution because it can carry hundreds of video streams over long distances with minimal maintenance. It can does not involve IT personnel and does not take away any network bandwidth for audio and video.  At the same time, the technology can also distribute video streams over IP. These are but two examples of how CR is at the forefront of industry trends, meeting and exceeding customer needs with high-performance solutions.

“Our company offers integrators great American-made products, wonderful technical support by integrators that have been installing and troubleshooting AV systems for over twenty-two years, and the ability to enhance products by listening to our integrators and incorporating requests from our integrators into our products,” says Christy Ricketts, Vice President of Operations and Marketing at CR.

Contemporary Research integrates consistently excellent performance, unwavering reliability, and a responsive and collaborate customer engagement to maintain a positive industry reputation. Our ever-growing list of successful installations includes the Home Depot headquarters, Goldman Sachs, NBC Studios, NASA, Willow Creek Community Church, Criswell Center, Louisiana Superdome, Wachovia Center, San Antonio Spurs arena, Seattle Mariners stadium, and the university campuses of Boston College, UVA, and Wake Forest. Furthermore, our dedication to an All-American design and manufacturing approach enables us to not only deliver the highest quality possible, but also give back to our community for the tremendous support they have provided. Want to learn more about our team, services, and successful partnerships? Visit us online and contact us directly at