Contemporary Research Releases Display Express 4.3 Software with Improved Design and Features

DALLAS, TX 6-21-2010 – Responding to user requests to simplify navigation, Contemporary Research has completely redesigned its Display Express display control system.

Jennifer Oppenheim, head of CR software development says, “Display Express is an end-user driven application, and we’re constantly adding new features at their suggestion.
“The new navigation scheme in Version 4.3 enhances ease of access, while opening up space for the new implementation of groups and for future changes. The design also offers a more logical arrangement for control, editing and setup pages.”

For more than 10 years, Contemporary Research has been the display control system of choice for stadiums, arenas, worship centers and commercial facilities, including the Louisiana Superdome, San Antonio Spurs, Wachovia Center, and Willow Creek Church.
One reason is that Contemporary Research systems control displays through existing RF cable, dramatically reducing installation costs. Another is Display Express, which offers simple and powerful operation with easily accessible Web pages. Site managers can easily add new controllers and options without hiring system programmers.

About Contemporary Research
Contemporary Research designs and creates solutions for an HDTV world, offering cutting-edge products, HDTV display control, digital signage, and tuning. In addition, CR supports a proven line of analog TV tuners, closed-captioning tools, as well as commercial and educational media systems. For more information about Contemporary Research products, visit us on the web at or call (888) 972-2728.

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