Corporate Market

Contemporary Research offers businesses solutions for tuning HDTV channels in conference rooms, creating an in-house RF network, and managing TVs over RF facility-wide.

Conference/Board Rooms/Training Rooms

CR HDTV tuners are used in commercial facilities nationwide to tune and display content from the site’s in-house HDTV channel network. The industry standard for HDTV applications, full-featured programming modules are available from AMX, Crestron, Extron, and RTI.

In-House HDTV Origination and Distribution

Today’s corporate sites tend to install their own HDTV RF system rather than distributing channels from Cable TV providers. An in-house system gives the site the flexibility to choose the programming they want from any provider, and to tune in to channels without renting cable/satellite providers. In addition, the business can add their own content, adding channels from digital signage players, websites, IPTV, off-air, HD-SDI and other resources.

Facility-Wide TV Control

Once a site has TVs distributed throughout the facility, the next step can be to add control to manage power, channels, volume. That’s easily done over the same RF system that carries the channels, driven by Web-centric software from PCs, tablets, and smartphones.