Corporate Applications

The New Basic Cable

As cable companies scramble their channels, companies have adapted and refined their choices for content costs and distribution. Rather than paying for the entire list of programs, they subscribe to the few they really watch. Then, using QMOD-HD HDTV Modulators, they rent one HD cable box per channel and rebroadcast as unscrambled HD channels that any HD TV set can tune. As a result, they gain superior HD programming while dramatically reducing subscription and rental costs. It’s the new basic cable, but on your terms.

Now that you are the cable company, you can broadcast other kinds of channels. Often, corporations also broadcast an in-house signage channel using the QMOD-HDSC Scaler Modulator. Using the interal scaler, they can format and position the PC signage for broadcast as a widescreen HDTV channel. By broadcasting over RF, any TV can play the signage, multiplying a single player serve any number of locations.

Taking Control

Not only can you send channels to TVs, you can send control as well over the same RF system. With Display Express, managing your TVs is a snap. Web-based software offers simple fill-in-the-blanks setup, scheduling, and control. A small controller at each TV receives the commands over RF for control of TV power, volume, and channels.

Tuning In

Conference rooms and boardroom can tune in to the in-house programming using the 232-ATSC+ HDTV Tuner. Made right here in the USA, the 232-ATSC+ is the industry standard for integrated systems, with ready-made control programming from AMX, Crestron, and RTI custom control systems.