Display Express 7 users wowed by new “Sports Bar” control panels

Some of our first users of the new DX 7 TV control software at NFL stadiums and major universities gave us rave reviews for our new sports-bar style TV control pages. What exactly is “sports bar’ style? As shown above, a user can select a number of TVs, select a TV channel, then click GO to flip the TVs to the new channel – it’s a great way to manually control many TVs from a tablet or smartphone. Several pages can be assigned to specific users, and a large number of TVs can be separated into different group pages. Some buttons can represent individual TVs, others can access a group of TVs.

If you’re not familiar with Display Express, it is Web-driven software that creates facility-wide TV control panels and scheduling without any programming required. The software networks control commands over the same RF coax that carries the channels, so no additional, expensive control wiring is needed.

If you are already a Display Express user, you’ll be happy to know – as with all new software features – you can add the new capabilities for free.

By the way, you’ll notice we’ve also added colored buttons for all Preset and TV Control pages, with a curved shape replacing the previous rectangular buttons. When Version 7 is installed, all existing buttons will be changed to blue.

If you have Display Express at your site, go here to download the new software update. AgainIt’s free for existing DX installations!