Display Express Users Can Now Configure Control Panels, Send IP Control Commands

Dallas, TX, 5-25-2011 Contemporary Research Display Express systems employ browser-based ASP technology to integrate, create, launch, and schedule control commands to any number of displays, projectors and TVs through a facility’s RF coax network. The latest release of control server software now allows users to access personalized Web-based control panels.

Previously, the system administrators had access to everything; system configuration, control preset creation, scheduling, and emergency alerts – and one central control panel. Each user can login to the Display Express control server to access the panel assigned to him or her – no more, no less. Panels can be scaled for the type of Web tool and application, from a few buttons, up to 45 buttons, and multiple control pages.

With this innovation, more people can have defined access to the display control network. Tour guides can demonstrate a few features from their iPhones, corporate floor managers can change news and information sources on the fly from their desktop, technicians can use a wireless tablet to test operation as they walk the facility, and emergency responders can trigger site-wide emergency broadcasts – all without touching the primary system pages, schedule, or features.

In addition, the release includes control of additional controllers over RS-232 or IP. For example, a preset can be created that sends a code over IP that triggers an Extron controller to change a video projector’s power or inputs. With the new feature, other devices can be included in Display Express preset control and scheduling.

Scott Hetzler, Contemporary Research president says, “In use at major sports, commercial, and worship facilities, Display Express continues to evolve with ideas from our users and integrators. At the same time, the explosion in Web-enabled phones and tablets opens up access for everyone. With the addition of personal, assignable Web control pages, more people can take control without adding expensive custom panels or hardware. People already own the control panel; we’ve now given them the power to control.”

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