Distributing Digital Signage Over RF

When you think Digital Signage, the first thought is often “Ethernet” – and you would be correct. But IP isn’t the only way to deliver signage content, especially if you’re broadcasting just a few messages to many destinations.

Ethernet delivery isn’t free. Each drop costs additional wiring and hub connections, as well as software licences and PC maintenance. That’s a lot of expense to deliver the same signage to many locations.

The math in digital signage over RF is entirely different. You only need a single player, IP connection and license for playback. The output feeds a QMOD-HDSC Scaler Modulator that converts the content to an HDTV cable channel. Why a scaler? VGA outputs are not very accurate, and may be at a PC resolution – and TVs tend to crop the video as well. The HDSC scaler formats the video into true 1080i/720p 59.94 HDTV standards the TV can tune in. The image can be shrunk and positioned so playback is edge-to-edge at all TVs.

Any number of TVs in the RF network can tune into the signage channel, cutting the cost of distribution dramatically.

Need Control?

Contemporary Research created the Display Express system over 10 years ago. Used to manage TVs in large venues such as the Louisiana Superdome, DX is now in use in corporate sites, colleges, and houses of worship – as well as stadiums, arenas, and sports bars around the country. The secret sauce to DX’s success is it requires no additional wiring – control  commands flow through the same RF coax as the TV and signage channels. Web-based software offers easy to use, fill-in-the-blanks system setup, scheduling, and control.