Education Market

There are a number of Contemporary Research solutions employed in education, with differences in key grade levels.

K-12 Schools

CR tuners can access analog and digital programming, offering a transition pathway for both types of channels. Using analog technology is a simple, low-cost solution for originating on-site media for announcements, and live event broadcasts, while digital HDTV is ideal for digital signage. Intelligent, energy-saving amplifiers allow students to hear clear audio from the instructor and classroom media.

Colleges and Universities.

Colleges often have an extensive in-house RF system, serving many displays across the campus. They rebroadcast a rich mix of programming from cable, satellite, microwave, and IPTV sources using HDTV modulators. Rented set-top boxes are not required, so the facility saves expenses as the enrich the programs available to students.

Sites are also taking advantage of their RF networks to deliver digital signage. By broadcasting a few signage channels over RF, the college saves the expense of integrating a digital signage player and monitor at every “eyeball” location.

CR over-the-RF TV control technology is often employed to manage networked TVs, changing channels, volume, and power via a master schedule.

Media-rich presentation rooms employ CR tuners to deliver RF content to video projectors,  integrated with a custom control system.