Education Applications

There are a number of solutions employed in education, with differences in key grade levels.

K-12 Schools

The 232-Amp Mixer/Amplifier stands at the head of the class for ADA amplified audio. Able to drive up to 4 speakers with 40W at 4 ohms, the class D amp is energy-efficient, drawing almost no power when not in use. The stereo and two Mono line inputs are programmable for automatic mixing and ducking, typically used for the projector/TV audio, wireless mic, and PC/CD audio.

K-12 schools often broadcast analog TV channels, available at low cost from cable companies, with the 232-MCT Mono Caption Tuner. Controllable from IR or RS-232, the tuner features closed captioning. cable tuning, and has a pass-though AV input to share a video input with another source.

College HDTV Channels and Digital Signage

College often have an extensive RF system, serving many displays across the campus. They rebroadcast a rich mix of programming from cable, satellite, microwave, and IPTV sources using QMOD-HD HDTV Modulators.

The QMOD-HDSC Scaler Modulator enables them to broadcast digital signage as an in-house HDTV channel, saving the cost of multiple signage players, user licences, and Ethernet infrastructure.

Tuning In

Classrooms can tune in to the in-house programming using the 232-ATSC+ HDTV Tuner. Made right here in the USA, the 232-ATSC+ is the industry standard for integrated systems, with ready-made control programming from AMX, Crestron, and RTI custom control systems.