Engineering Comprehensive Solutions

At Contemporary Research, we take pride in delivering comprehensive solutions for our customers. To do so, we work closely with integrators to discover which designs and features are needed. By learning about the specific challenges involved in integrating modulators, tuners, and encoders, we’re able to develop new and revolutionary products and upgrades to stay ahead of the curve. Our engineers are on staff and remain in constant communication with support and design teams. The result? We provide the fastest possible responses to the feedback we receive.

In this video, VP of Operations and Marketing Christy Ricketts, explains how integrators drive new product solutions to common pain points experienced within the AV industry. In addition, VP of Engineering Natalie Cappello, reveals how her team liaises with other departments across the company. The goal is simple: to ensure CR is creating products that integrate seamlessly with those of other manufacturers, providing the best possible customer experience on each and every project.