HD RF and 232-ATSC+ HDTV Tuners Deliver HDTV Video and Saves Costs at Los Angeles Emergency Operations Center

November, 2010 – “Crisis Management – AV Empowers Emergency Response” in the November Sound and Video Contractor magazine, highlights how the Los Angeles’ Emergency Operations Center employs HD RF channels and 232-ATSC tuners to manage emergencies.

“The city project administrators were expecting a satellite HD set-top box at each viewing position at an estimated recurring facility cost of several thousand dollars each month. We negotiated directly with satellite network, and by properly identifying the six key modulated system requirement conditions, we were able to reduce the recurring facility cost to less than $120 per month.”

“It is worth mentioning that while the CATV system interacts with the LAN, the EOC backbone is decidedly RF. As due diligence, [John] Bilar gave IT vendors the opportunity to make their case. However, with requirements such as 24/7/365 reception and distribution of 135 HD channels, the ability to recover from a power failure in less than two minutes without administration, the ability for users to incorporate department-specific content, the need to retain HD detail on the main display wall, the need to avoid set-top boxes and IP appliances, and scalability considerations for new viewer positions all proved insurmountable for a LAN-based system.”