The New Contemporary Research 232-Amp+, Same Great Features, Plus More Power

Dallas, TX – Contemporary Research has upgraded its 232-Amp Stereo Mixer/Amplifier to the 232-Amp+, increasing power to 32/40W RMS from 16/32W.

The 232-Amp+ is a compact, programmable mixer/amplifier aimed at integration with flat-panel displays and video projectors. This versatile amp features a stereo line-level display/projector audio input and two mono aux inputs, and outputs stereo sound at 32 Watts RMS @ 8 ohms or 40W @ 4 ohms.

The unit features RS-232 system control, a stereo and two audio inputs that can mix and duck automatically, ideal for microphone and paging applications. The Class D amplifier is highly energy-efficient, using 90% of DC power for amplification, operating with very little heat and consuming almost no power when quiet.

Director of Sales Janine Davis explains, “The 232-Amp has been a popular solution for school ADA compliance, able to mix and amplify the instructor’s microphone with other media sources, so that all students can clearly hear and learn together. With the added power, the 232-Amp+ can handle more speakers in larger classroom environments”

About Contemporary Research

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