ICC2-ATSC 4S HDTV Tuner/Controller Offers New Features

When it comes to integrating video projectors and displays, having great tools to tune and control is critical. Luckily, at Contemporary Research, professional audio-visual tuners with control are a specialty. Our latest, fourth generation ICC2-ATSC 4S HDTV Tuner/Controller, replaces the ICC2-ATSC 4 HDTV Tuner/Controller, and boasts amazing adaptability with incredible features that allow users to get the most out of their displays.

ICC2-ATSC 4S Tuner ControllerEngineered for maximum versatility, the ICC2-ATSC 4S HDTV Tuner/Controller offers all same qualities as the full featured 232-ATSC 4 HDTV Tuner. The device tunes both analog and digital, ATSC, NTSC and clear QAM formats. Engineered for maximum versatility, the ICC2-ATSC 4S HDTV Tuner/Controller can access analog and digital channels in MPEG2 and MPEG4/H.264 formats, and output media as either HDMI, RGBHV, component, or composite video and can scale video output from 480p to 1080p. It also offers digital and analog closed captioning and a second audio program (SAP) for multiple languages. One of the first things users notice about the ICC2-ATSC 4S is its compact size. We felt it was important to reduce the height of the product so it can be easily rack mounted or installed at the projector or display site.

The ICC2-ATSC 4S HDTV Tuner/Controller utilizes ICC-Net technology to control displays and communicate through existing coax wiring for 1-way control. Users can control the tuner locally via wireless and wired IR commands, as well as 1-way RS-232. Integrators will find an onboard library of RS-232 protocols to control monitors or video projectors and take advantage of the new feature that give users the ability to set display type from the front panel. Facilities can take advantage of channel selection, volume, and power on and off features by utilizing our Display Express Control Software or custom control software such as Crestron, AMX, or RTI.

Contemporary Research has established a reputation for bringing superior tuner technology to the market–a legacy that the ICC2-ATSC 4S HDTV Tuner/Controller continues. Its ability to tune analog and digital channels in ATSC, NTSC, and clear QAM formats, accept MPEG 2 and MPEG4/H.264, and control displays through RS-232 or IR are just some of the many rich features users can enjoy from this universal device.

To discover even more features and benefits of the ICC2-ATSC 4 HDTV Tuner/ Controller, visit our product webpage today!