Installing DX Software on a Windows XP Pro PC

Configuring XP Pro

Internet Information Services (IIS) should be installed on your computer before Display Express is installed. To find out if IIS is installed on Windows XP, click on Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs, then click on the Add/Remove Windows Components icon on the left.  In the next window, scroll down and find Internet Information Services.  If it does not have a check mark next to it, then it is not installed.

To install IIS, click to put a check mark next to IIS, then click on Next, etc. You will need the CD used to install your operating system if the files are not installed on your hard drive, or the installation files may be stored in the server. On Windows Server 2003, look for Application Server instead of Internet Information Services in the Add/Remove Windows Components dialog. The PC will likely need to restart.

Install DX Software

We now ship Display Express on a memory stick, so you can install on servers and PC that don’t have a CD-ROM drive.

Insert  the drive, then double-click the Setup.EXE installer. There will be the usual Windows pop-up questions,  then an agree/disagree DX Installer popup, then:

Use the Local Subnet selection for typical installs. This means others on your network can access the DX Web pages, but not from outside your network. If you need to change the settings, run the DX installer again and the options will appear.

When the app is complete, you’ll see 2 DX Icons, one launches DX, the other brings up the Manual. Click the DX icon and see if the DX login screen appears.  Proceed if it does, if not, restart the PC.

COM Port

If you are using in a PC with an onboard COM port, or a USB to RS-232 adapter, this is a good time to define the port in Display Express.  In Win7, the number of the port is at Control Panel/Devices and Printers. Under Unspecified, you’ll see a device usually named USB UART. Click the icon, then the Hardware tab. You’ll see the COM port number there.

When you have that info, login to DX and go to Setup/Options. Enter the COM port # there.

If you are restoring an existing DX PC from Contemporary Research, contact CR Support for the installer for the USB to RS-232 adapter.

Power Options

Right-click the background screen, choose Personalize, then Screen Saver. Select Power Options and make sure the computer does not go into Sleep mode or stop drive operation.


Software updates to Display Express are free. Go to the website, select Downloads, look for Display Express, then download the installer. The installer will also place the updated manual on your PC desktop as well.

Starting With an Empty System

DX installs a default set of data when it installs. You could delete those items manually, but there’s an easier way.

  • Log into the app as Admin.
  • Go to the Presets/System page
  • Click the Restore System radio button, then select  ~Empty System~  from the pull-down list
  • Click the Do Now button
  • Now you have a clean slate to start from