IPTV Receiver Overview – Exterity R9300

A Exerity r9300

We are constantly evaluating IPTV receivers, evaluating streaming capability, options for creating and updating playlists, and how well they perform in an integrated system control environment. In general, there are two classes of players:

  • Basic IPTV players that present a list of titles, selected by an IR remote. Simple setup for playlist, select from list with IR remote. Some support RS-232/CEC TV control.
  • Integration IPTV players that support a full range of interactive control. More involved programming to author IPTV selection, RS-232/CEC TV control and integrated control capability.

The Exterity R9300 is a commercial-grade IPTV receiver that offers a wide array of streaming options in a robust metal enclosure. It represents the higher end of Basic Receivers, employing an IR remote to access playlist titles and features.

The unit handles a number of video streams, including:

  • MPEG2 and MPEG4
  • HLS, HTTP and RTP streams
  • Video on demand HLS, RTSP and HTTP
  • Unicast and Multicast, IGMP V2 and 3

Integration features include:

  • IR remote and sensor
  • Wired IR port for system control or extender
  • RS-232 or CEC TV control

One great feature is that you can publish one XML file on the network to update all players.

We will be performing a more complete hands-on evaluation of this receiver over the next few weeks. We expect the playlist will be more sophisticated then the simple list in the Amino. We do have a good history with this player, as a number of our users have successfully in Exterity players with QMOD encoders. JB&A is the US distributor for Exterity products.

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