IPTV Receiver Overview – Amino A140/H140


We are constantly evaluating IPTV receivers, evaluating streaming capability, options for creating and updating playlists, and how well they perform in an integrated system control environment. In general, there are two classes of players:

  • Basic IPTV players that present a list of titles, selected by an IR remote. Simple setup for playlist, select from list with IR remote. Some support RS-232/CEC TV control.
  • Integration IPTV players that support a full range of interactive control. More involved programming to author IPTV selection, RS-232/CEC TV control and integrated control capability.

The Amino series of IPTV receivers have been a favorite for many IPTV applications. Evolving from consumer, international IP subscription programming, the units are inexpensive, yet reliable IPTV players. Both appear to have the same technology under the hood, with the H140 having a bit more in limited TV control.

At most sites, the Aminos serve as Basic IPTV receivers, hosting a simple, static channel list accessed by an IR remote. There are integrators that use them for more advanced applications, but they have expertise in developing solutions using Amino’s SDK program.

So for most of us, integration is a matter of setting up the player and creating a list of channels. As Forrest Gump would say, simple is as simple does. You can test with Unicast, but you’ll need a fully capable IGMP multicast network to test multicast streams.

I have Amino instructions you can download by clicking here: Amino_140_VSI_Configuration_Manual and Notes.

You’ll need a USB keyboard to enter values into the menus and channel list. Make sure you get an Amino from a valid distributor that has VSI OEM V104 installed. Many of the cheap Aminos on Ebay are from international units that were part of a subscription plan – you can’t create a channel list on those.

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