CR System Design Services

CR System Design Services

QMOD Connections

A successful integration solution doesn’t just happen – it’s the result of well-conceived design that’s based on the right information. At CR Support, we want to give you the right information, tools, and help before our products are installed. It’s much better to get things right the first time than fix things later.

CR Support Blog

You’ll find lot of answers to questions in our CR Support blog. You’ll find a host of topics there, with categories for QMOD, HDTV tuners, Display Express and other products.

Design Support

Feel free to call (888-972-2728) or email CR Support regarding product integration and systems design. We have over 50 years of integration experience in our team, and we know how the best solutions for design and control. More than that, we’ll tell you if your products aren’t a match for your system.

We also have an RF Calc spreadsheet you can use to work out RF levels and components. You can change out splitters and taps with pull-down menus, and enter distances for a quick estimate of levels. On small installations, we can work out a design for you.

Visio and CAD Drawings

We have CAD and Visio drawings for all of our products, and you can find them on the product Download page or go to Drawings for a full listing by product.

Our Visio pages are organized in three files – Tuners, Display Express, and HDTV Origination. For the full set of  Visio drawing, download the CR Visio Stencils zip file.