One Solution for RF Coax Systems

One Solution for RF Coax Systems

Manufacturer Course:
Contemporary Research:One Solution for RF Coax Systems

Contemporary Research is your one stop shop for RF Distribution with Control. Other modulators can only send out a signal but we design and manufacture modulators, tuners and control software that create a distribution system. This RF Distribution solution allows end-users the ability to turn on 50-4000 televisions using existing Coax, eliminating the need for additional cables or wires. In this 30 minute session we will provide you all the sales and technical knowledge to save your customers money and look better doing it with unmatched picture quality.

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    Participants should be able to:

  • Know the three Pillars of Contemporary Research
  • Understand the importance of new and existing RF Coax systems and cost savings in using coax.
  • Explain how television Control is integrated into new or existing RF Coax Systems and what questions integrators need to ask to specify the correct products in a system.