New CC-COM 3.5 Cable for LG and Samsung TVs


There’s good news on two fronts! First, more LG consumer TVs have RS-232 than one would suspect. Second, we offer a new CC-COM 3.5 DB9 to 3.5mm cable to connect our ICC1-232 TV controller to those LG prosumer, Samsung commercial TVs, and Sunbrite TVs.The female DB9 plugs right into the ICC1-232 controller.

LG has finally documented that a series of consumer TVs have mini-jack RS-232 control, even if the port says Service Only, including the LN5450, LN520B, LN5200, LN5300, and LN540 TVs. The LN5600 and LN5700 have RS-232 control, but it’s unclear if they use the mini-jack or a USB to RS-232 adapter. Love to hear from an integrator that can confirm that. Send a note to

The Samsung ME- and H-series commercial TVs include a Mini to DB9 adapter, but it’s often missing, and still requires a CC-COM null modem cable to connect control. The CC-COM 3.5 eliminates the extra cable.

Sunbrite TVs all use this cable.

The mini-jack RS-232 pin-out is:

  • Tip TX
  • Ring RX
  • Sleeve GND

You’ll find more on this and info other TV control info at our Display Express TV Guide blog.