New Contemporary Research 232-MCT Mono Caption Tuner Offers Affordable Solutions to Educators and Institutions

DALLAS, TX 6-21-2010 – Contemporary Research’s new 232-MCT Mono Caption Tuner offers affordable solutions to educational and institutional applications needing analog cable tuning and integration.

Based on the proven performance of the Contemporary Research 232-series tuners, the 232-MCT includes the most useful features of its predecessors to create a low cost, commercial-quality tuner. Able to tune in analog cable channels at standard, IRC and HRC modes, the video output features on-screen closed captioning for ADA compliance, channel numbers and ID, and system-generated text. The tuner saves an AV input for projectors by using its AV input to switch between an existing AV source and TV channels. Stereo audio from the source is mixed and fed to both mono outputs.

Remote control options are powerful and flexible. Many suppliers, from AMX and Crestron control systems to SP Control and RTI wall panels, already have RS-232 control codes. The new tuner will also accept wireless and wired CR remote or Sharp TV IR commands and contact closures.

The unit can be mounted in a plenum box, on a projector pole, or in an equipment rack. A 232-AMP Mixer/Amplifier can be mounted on top of the tuner for integrated pole-mount installation, and amp and tuner control can be fed from a single RS-232 control port.

“At first, it seems counter-intuitive to create a new analog TV solution while, at the same time, introducing the 4th generation of our digital HDTV tuners,” explains Sales Director Janine Davis. “However, transitioning to full digital in the classroom or institutional facility isn’t always practical. It can be more economical and versatile to use low-cost analog modulators to create a custom in-house educational media system. For example, a school can include channels from converted HD cable, satellite, and off-air programming, video from IPTV, microwave, and computer sources and live and recorded broadcast in-house video such as announcements, emergency messages, visiting educational presenters, school plays, and other resources.”

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