CR Intros New RF Amp/Combiner and Plenum Rating for 232-Amp+

QDA4-45 RF Distribution Amp/Combiner

The QDA4-45 is the first new RF amplifier of the century, with several unique features that simplify RF integration and amplification! First, you can select one or four RF inputs from the front panel, combining up to 36 channels from QCA9-33 combiners. Next, dial in the amount of gain, using the handy LCD display – we wonder why nobody thought of this before! The unit can amplify up to a level of 50 dB, with an extremely low 4.5 noise factor, consuming less than 8.5 watts. Due out in July.

See the video!

232-Amp+ Adds More Power, Plenum Rating

Recently, we upped the power of the 232-Amp to 40W @ 4 ohms, 32W @ 8 ohms. Now we’ve added plenum rating to extend mounting options for the intelligent 3-channel mix/duck amplifier. Now uses a captive screw terminal for the 18V power supply. Available now.

That’s not all! See the new 232-ATSC+1 and ATSC+SDI HDTV tuners as well!