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IC Send

IC Send is a Windows application for testing Display Express iC-Net communication and control. The free app can communicate over IP or RS-232 to an ICE-HE Ethernet Head End, sending commands to one, a zone, or all controllers. This is especially useful when testing the system before Display Express software or custom AMP/Crestron system is installed.

Commands are expressed in three fields, as shown in the image above:

  • Command. such as TH, which tunes a digital channel
  • Parameter, such as 2,5,1, the value for channel 5.1
  • Device number, in this case, 4095 - all controllers

With this simple structure, iC Send can perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Channel, volume, and power commands to controllers
  • Lock and unlock IR and local control to TVs (if the TV has that feature)
  • Special setup commands, such as changing the IR code set in ICC1-IR controllers

Basic commands are included in the IC Send manual, a full set of command can be found in the manual for the specific controller. 

Last Modified: 3/2/2017