ICC1-IRX TV Controller

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ICC1-IRX TV Controller
ICC1-IRX TV Controller

The new ICC1-IRX IR TV Controller delivers economical 1-way control for TV power, volume, and channels, receiving iCC-Net network commands over the same broadband coax that carries the CATV channels. Compact in size and price, the ICC1-IRX now features power current sensing using the optional CSM1 sensor from Xantech.

Controls most brands of IR-controlled TVs

  • Manages channel access by changing the TV’s internal available channel list
  • Delivers absolute power control using the Xantech CSM1 power current sensor
  • Networks up to 4,000 TVs through the ICE-HE Ethernet Head-End
  • Receives 1-way individual and zone commands from a single RS-232 port on the HE
  • Operates over same RF coax cable as CATV channels
  • Exclusive SmartZone architecture controls hundreds of controllers with a single command
  • Low-loss internal RF tap saves amplification and installation costs
  • Provides LED feedback for network, IR control, and power status
  • Restores all power and channel status after loss of power from data stored in non-volatile memory
  • Mounts on the back of the TV for simplified control and RF installation
  • Operates with Contemporary Research Display Express software as well as from RS-232 protocol from a custom-programmed PC or control system
  • Senses power status from optional CSM1 power current sensor, or optional CC-HSD scan sensor for older tube TVs
  • Includes CC-IRE IR Emitter, RF loop cable, mounting Velcro, and 12VDC power supply (U.S. only)

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Last Modified: 7/15/2016