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  • QMOD-HDMI1.5
  • QMOD-HDMI1.5
  • QMOD-HDMI1.5

Employing a totally new HD encoding technology, the QMOD-HDMI1.5 HDTV Modulator continues the QMOD™ track record for quality and innovation, setting a new benchmark for features and performance. New! Full scaling and 2-channel operation are included.


  • One HDMI (non-HDCP) input, up to 1080p video and audio
  • One RGBHV/Component input, up to 1080p video
  • Two Composite video inputs for encoding, captioning, or EAS use
  • Two sets of stereo and SPDIF coax audio inputs


  • Creates a high-definition 720p/1080i MPEG-2 stream for broadcast
  • Accepts stereo or PCM audio, with SAP dual-language capability
  • Includes captioning from Line 21 data on composite video inputs
  • New! Full scaling is now standard, allows precise formatting of digital signage, accepts 1080p video, compensates for 60/30 Hz consumer source, and scales all video to a set resolution 
  • New! Two-channel operation is standard, creates one physical channel with two HD programs


  • Up to 270 HD Programs, 135 Channels per system
  • Delivers a fully agile QAM 64/256 digital cable channel 2-135
  • Streams IPTV from GigE Ethernet port
  • Distributes channel over an on-site broadband cable system with adjustable output level to 29 dBmV, compatible with all cable format broadband systems


  • Sets up with front-panel buttons and easy to use menus, including inputs, encoding, channel, and RF options.
  • Onboard Web page for setup and monitoring
  • Control with IP Telnet commands
  • Fan cooled, with adjustable speed
  • Saves power and rack space using efficient design
  • Includes compact switching power supply
  • Mounts in optional 1RU single (RK1) or dual (RK2EZ) 19” rack kits
  • Meets RoHS safety and California energy standards

Tips on integrating the new generation of QMOD techology


Last Modified: 1/20/2015