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Tuner Helper

Tuner Helper 3 is a .NET application that simplifies set up and testing of CR 232-series TV tuners. A single RS-232 COM port can connect up to nine 232-series TV Tuners. The new Tuner Helper 3 is Vista compatible and adds several key features:

  • RS-232 control of all 232-series tuners
  • Ethernet control of the new 232-ATSC+1 HDTV tuner

The main Tuner Helper screen, shown above, features four key windows for operation

  • Control acts as a basic tuner control panel, including A/V on/off, volume, channel and input operation, caption modes, and tuner selection.
  • Setup fine-tunes the performance of the tuner, including bass and treble levels,creating the tuning ring and channel labels, channel label display, locking front-panel control, and setting special operation features.
  • Text can set up all captioning modes, send on-screen text to the tuner, as well as send programming strings to the tuner.
  • COM selects RS-232 Com ports or Ethernet access.

Tuner Helper's buttons and text displays provide real-time feedback for the tuner's current operation status and responses. When you start Tuner Helper or select a tuner, the software will automatically "sync" itself with the tuner. When you change any settings (even with front-panel programming), the Tuner Helper will also change any affected buttons, sliders, and displays.

Note for Windows 7 users: If you only see a partial control panel, select Screen Resolution on your PC, select Make text or other items larger or smaller, and select 100%.

Last Modified: 4/23/2015