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VSCC S-Video CC Decoder
VSCC S-Video CC Decoder

The VSCC S-Video Closed-Caption decoder gives integrators a simple, reliable way to decode and display instant-on closed caption text in both S-Video and composite video formats. Employing technology developed for the popular 232-STS S-Video TV Tuner, the VSCC provides digital 2-D adaptive Y/C separation for superior S-Video signals from a composite NTSC video input.

Front-panel settings can select eight Closed Caption modes, as well as define remote control operation. A captive-screw control port accepts a closure for Captions On/Off, sends a logic-level output for sensing video presence, and allows remote DC power wiring.
Designed for versatile installation, the compact VSCC can be operated on a tabletop, attached to a display, or rack-mounted 3-across, mixed with other CR System Tools using the optional single-rack height RK3 Rack Kit.
  • Instantly inserts Closed Caption text over composite NTSC video
  • Converts composite NTSC video input to S-Video signal for improved image quality, employing digital adaptive 2-D Y/C separation filtering, improving gain and phase matching while reducing cross-luminance and noise
  • Offers eight Closed Caption modes of operation, set by front-panel DIP switch
  • Provides logic-level remote input for Captions Off, output for video presence, and alternate DC power wiring
  • Offers flexible mounting options for fixed or free-standing applications
  • All connectors accessible from one side, simplifies wiring
  • Slimline metal enclosure can be attached to video units or any flat surface
  • Rack-mounts in optional RK3 Rack Kit, up to 3 units can be mounted side-by-side, connections face back of rack
  • Includes 500 mA DC power supply (domestic only), and captive-screw control terminal

Last Modified: 2/14/2018