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HD2-RC IR Remote
HD2-RC IR Remote

The HD2-RC IR Wireless Remote works CR AV and HDTV tuners to deliver simplified, convenient IR control. Designed for versatility and economy, the HD2-RC is available at a fraction of the cost of typical control system remotes. Everything’s included—from the 4 alkaline AAA batteries to the full-featured panel design that handles tuner control and setup for HDTV tuners.

Weighing in at less than 5 ounces with batteries, the slim and trim enclosure makes one-handed operation a snap.
However, the HD2-RC is no lightweight when it comes to power and performance. The high-output IR LED delivers reliable control within 35 feet, and high-frequency IR transmission minimizes interference from fluorescent lights and other sources. Integrators can select high-frequency IR for HDTV tuners or low-frequency IR for AV Tuners,
  • Economical — available at a fraction of the cost of a typical control system IR remotes
  • Powerful — 35 foot range operation, high-frequency transmission reduces interference from other IR sources
  • Portable — lightweight, slimline remote is easy to hold, easy to operate with one hand
  • Versatile — pre-labeled function and Menu keys can handle a wide variety of TV and media control applications
  • Programmable — switchable for high- and low-frequency transmission, or IR codes for Smart TVs
  • Reliable — settings held in non-volatile memory, never loses codes if batteries fail or are replaced
  • Simple — everything’s included, from batteries to panel graphics and labeling
Tech note: The remote can output high or low IR frequencies, which can help work around interference from fluorescent lights. Hold down Select and press 4 for low or 9 for high, then let both go. 

Last Modified: 6/24/2014