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232-ATSC+ <br>HDTV Tuner 232-ATSC+ <br>HDTV Tuner 232-ATSC+ <br>HDTV Tuner
  • 232-ATSC+ <br>HDTV Tuner
  • 232-ATSC+ <br>HDTV Tuner
  • 232-ATSC+ <br>HDTV Tuner
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HDTV Tuner

In July, 2012, we will be transitioning to the new 232-ATSC+1, which uses a smaller enclosure and standard RK1/RK2 rack kits. During the transition, we will be accepting orders for both tuners to allow integrators to choose the solution that meets their needs.

The 232-ATSC+ HDTV Tuner is an integrator-friendly HDTV tuner, controllable 2-way RS-232 and discrete IR commands. As a universal TV tuner, the 232-ATSC+ can receive ATSC, NTSC, and clear QAM cable channels from switchable Off-Air and Cable RF inputs.

Controllable via RS-232 or IR, up to two compact 232-ATSC+ tuners can fit within 2 or 1.5 rack spaces.

The tuner displays broadcasts through simultaneous HDMI, RGB/Component, and NTSC composite video or connections. Full-time audio is available from Dolby® 5.1/PCM digital HDMI, optical, and coax ports, as well as variable-level analog stereo audio outputs.


  • Tunes ATSC off-air, clear QAM cable, and analog channels
  • Always-active HDMI and composite video, as well as stereo, and digital coax and TOSlink optical audio ports
  • VGA or Component outputs switchable from front-panel settings or RS-232 control
  • Dolby® 5.1 or PCM/Variable PCM digital audio formats for digital audio ports and HDMI
  • Front-panel and onscreen menus for tuner setup and scanning, new buttons eliminate need for IR remote for setup
  • Supports dual Air/Cable tuning with optional RF switch
  • Analog and digital closed captioning
  • Upscales SD and analog channels
  • Rack-mountable in 1.5RU, two across
  • Full ASCII 2-way RS-232 commands, AMX, Crestron, and RTI modules avaialable, discrete IR commands
  • RS-232 can be daisy-chained to control up to 9 tuners from a single RS-232 port
  • Works with free Tuner Helper control panel/setup software, operates over RS-232 or Ethernet with IP-232 Interface
  • Field updatable for control and HD processing firmware
  • Green Machine - consumes less power than previous 232-ATSC, meets ROHS and California energy-saving standards
  • Includes HD2-RC IR remote and 12 VDC power supply
  • Options for single and dual rack mounts, pole-mounting, stereo mixer/amplifier, external RF-AB RF switch
  • New! Drive 2-3 232-ATSC+ HDTV Tuners from a 4A power supply

Last Modified: 4/13/2017