232-MTA Mono Tuner

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232-MTA Mono Tuner
232-MTA Mono Tuner

The Contemporary Research 232-MTA is a versatile RS-232 controlled TV tuner featuring 125 channel access in Off-Air, Cable, HRC, or IRC modes, front-panel operation and feedback, and intelligent control. Fully programmable, the unit can restore all settings on power-up from nonvolatile memory. A list of channels can be stored in memory, used to provide convenient channel up/down operation and restrict direct access to other channels.
The front-panel buttons and channel/mode display can be used for general operation and to program basic features for tuning, RS-232 baud rate and local control. Full setup, control, and feedback is provided by RS-232. Up to nine units can be controlled from a single RS-232 port. Remote channel up and down operation can be accessed through contact closure inputs. In addition, the tuner can be set up and controlled with Tuner Helper PC software, and firmware can be updated with easy-to-use software.
Applications include TV origination for conference and meeting rooms, board rooms, and home theaters.
  • Tunes up to 125 channels in CATV, HRC, IRC, or broadcast formats
  • Delivers mono audio through two outputs
  • Stores programmable tuning ring in memory to control channel access
  • Interacts with PCs and control systems via RS-232, using simple ASCII commands or CR Tuner Helper software, up to 9 tuners can be daisy-chained from a single control port
  • Updates firmware using easy-to-use S12 Flash software
  • Provides front-panel control for A/V Mute, mode select, and channel up/down, with LED feedback for Mute, current channel and programming mode, selectively enabled via front-panel and RS-232 commands
  • Accesses channel up/down from contact closure inputs
  • Restores all operation status after loss of power from data stored in nonvolatile memory
  • Mounts in 19" rack with optional RK1 or RK2 kit for dual side-by-side installation
  • AMX InConcert and Crestron i2P software modules available

Last Modified: 6/7/2012