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  • IP-HDVR HDTV Tuner
  • IP-HDVR HDTV Tuner

The IP-HDVR HDTV Tuner-DVR is an integrator-friendly HD tuner and Digital Video Recorder (DVR), controllable from Ethernet, RS-232, IR, and onboard Web pages. A universal tuner, the IP-HDVR can receive both ATSC and NTSC broadcasts from twin off-air antenna and cable RF inputs, decode clear-cable digital QAM channels, as well as control an external analog cable box for subscription-based programming. When integrating the IP-HDVR via Ethernet, a control system can also communicate with a video display or projector through the HD tuner’s RS-232 control port. 

Featuring a 120 GB hard drive, the IP-HDVR is also a powerful HD DVR, able to schedule recording from its TV Guide On Screen™ program guide (no monthly fees) or VCR Plus+ codes. The unit can also record and display digital video from IEEE-1394 ports or upscaled analog video from two AV inputs. In addition, users can pause and review live programs at their leisure.  
The tuner displays HD, SD, and analog broadcasts through Component, RGB, DVI, or composite video/S-Video outputs. View up to 2-megapixel quality video in 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i modes, in a variety of aspect ratios. Dolby 5.1 surround sound is available from an optical output, and variable- and fixed-level stereo audio ports.
  • Receives ATSC HD, SD and NTSC off-air, as well as analog, HD, and unscrambled QAM cable channels simultaneously from TV and Cable RF inputs 
  • Records tuner and external AV to internal 120 GB hard drive 
  • Pauses live video programming for delayed playback and review 
  • Features subscription-free TV Guide On-Screen™ EPG for TV/Cable channel access and recording 
  • Accepts VCR Plus+ commands for digital recording 
  • Outputs HD,SD, and upscaled analog video to Component, DVI, RGB, or dual Video/S-Video ports 
  • Switches and upscales cable box and other external AV sources from two analog inputs 
  • Controls IR-format cable box for subscription-based programming 
  • Shares digital video with specific IEEE-1394 FireWire devices (Page 6)
  • Links RS-232 control system communication to external video display when tuner is integrated via Ethernet 
  • Integrates easily over Ethernet, RS-232, discrete IR and wired IR ports, and included HDV-RC IR remote 
  • Offers Dolby 5.1 surround sound from optical digital output and two analog variable and fixed-level stereo outputs 
  • Sets up using front-panel control, easy on-screen menus, and control ports 
  • Displays closed-captioning text and on-screen channel names 
  • Mounts in 19" rack with optional RKHD kit 
  • Includes HDV-RC IR remote and cables for component, DVI, RCA stereo audio, and antenna

Last Modified: 5/17/2012