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IR-232 IR to RS-232 Interface
IR-232 IR to RS-232 Interface

The Contemporary Research IR-232 IR to RS-232 Interface is an intelligent CR System Tool that translates IR remote codes into RS-232 control commands. Able to automatically identify CR, JVC, Mitsubishi, NEC, Philips RC5, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Tivo IR control codes, the IR-232 serves a wide variety of IR control applications.
For the first time, integrators can easily combine off-the-shelf IR remotes with custom system applications. The process begins by linking the remote’s IR codes to native or user-defined RS-232 commands using the included IR ToolKit software. Once a complete list of functions is created, the database can be downloaded to the IR-232, printed, and saved for later use.
To further simplify integration, the IR-232 structures continuous IR remote commands into discrete button push and release codes. When someone holds down the Volume Up button, the IR-232 doesn't send a stream of RS-232 commands, just a single push, then a release code.
The IR-232 can also act as a direct control interface for special control applications. Instead of sending the native commands, the IR-232 can be programmed to send user-defined RS-232 strings to a video projector, plasma display or other RS-232 controlled equipment.
In addition, system techs have been adding the IR-232 to their toolkit. It's a handy tool for cross-checking system-generated IR codes to the unit's IR remote, and as an RS-232 command generator to test control connections to video projectors and other sources.
  • Works with Tivo™ IR Remotes - create intuitive control solutions using a remote your customers already understand!
  • Translates IR remote codes into RS-232 command
  • Automatically identifies CR, JVC, NEC, Philips RC5, Samsung, and Sony IR
  • Structures continuous IR commands into discrete button push and release codes
  • Builds database of native or custom RS-232 commands using IR ToolKit software
  • Communicates RS-232 data at 1,200 to 115,400 baud, software programmable
  • Attaches to any flat surface, swivel-mount enclosure can be aimed for best reception, painted to match application
  • Receives wireless IR, wired IR emitter connections, and external IR sensors from CR, ChannelPlus, Audioplex, and Xantech
  • Includes 100 mA DC power supply (domestic only), may be powered by control system, from 11.5 to 24 VDC
  • Programs with IR Toolkit Software, control database can be saved, modified, and reused

Last Modified: 5/17/2012