ICC-ZS2 Zenith SuperPort Card

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ICC-ZS2 Zenith SuperPort Card
ICC-ZS2 Zenith SuperPort Card

The ICC-ZS2 Zenith SuperPort Cards plug into Zenith SuperPort TVs, simply and easily networking the TVs together over the same RF cable that carries the TV programming. Taking advantage of Zenith SuperPort technology, the ICC-ZS2 cards use the TV's internal IR sensor, character generator, and channel management to deliver cost-effective TV and media management.
All the critical information—including the list of channel presets (tuning ring), power and volume level status, and operation settings, is stored the the card's on non-volatile memory. As a result, operation isn't affected if the TV loses power. ICC-ZS2 Zenith SuperPort Cards or is replaced.
The ICC2-ZS2 features 2-way control and feedback over the CATV cable, allowing interactive system control. For example, commands from a room's IR wireless remote can be sent to an integrated control system to operate remote media sources. Information concerning the TV's current channel, power status, settings, device number, and firmware version can be monitored by the system.
The ICC1-ZS2 receives 1-way commands, providing a cost-effective solution for systems that simply want to manage power, change channels and send text messages to TVs.
Compatible with the Contemporary Research ABC Media Retrieval System and iC Commander software, the ZS2 units can be networked with up to 4000 TV and Video Display controllers. For custom systems applications, all Smart TV Controllers and other CR devices can be accessed from a single RS-232 port on a Head-End Network Controller.
Applications include media distribution and control for educational television systems, theme parks, museums, government facilities, arenas, convention centers, airports and corporate video networks.
  • Inserts into Zenith SuperPort card slot for simplified installation and cost-effective control
    • -Creates on-screen channel labels, messages, text menus, and system feedback using TV's onboard character generator
    • Receives wireless commands from IC-RC IR remote using TV's IR sensor (ICC2-ZS2)
    • Delivers absolute volume control for level and mute
    • Manages channel access using a channel list in onboard memory
    • -Delivers absolute power control with on/off feedback from TV
    • Interacts with the Zenith SuperPort TV's internal IR sensors, character generator, and tuner
  • Interacts with Philips SmartCard TV's internal IR sensors, character generator, and tuner
  • Networks with up to 4,000 TVs through the ICC-HE or ICW-HE Head-End Network Controller (HE)
    • -ICC1-ZS2 cards receive 1-way commands from the Head-End over RF
    • -ICC2-ZS2 cards provide 2-way control and feedback over RF
  • Responds to individual and zone commands from a single RS-232 port on the HE
  • Provides LED feedback for network, control, and operation status
  • Restores all operation status after loss of power from data stored in non-volatile memory

Last Modified: 5/17/2012