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ICC-PSC Series Philips Cards
ICC-PSC Series Philips Cards

Contemporary Research offers a simple solution for intelligent television control and interactive distributed media management, the PSC Philips Smart Cards. The ICC2-PSC communicates bi-directionally over the same RF coax that carries the CATV channels, while the ICC1-PSC receives 1-way commands over RF. Older Philips “P” series require the PSC-series cards, newer Philips TVs use the low-profile PSC2-series cards.
Integrators have a choice of control for new Philips LCD and Plasma displays that use the optional SmartCard Express Box. Use the ICC-PSC2 series card if the display is equipped with the Express Box. As the Express Box and install/power supply kit is an extra-cost option, you can control the display directly with the ICC-P series TV Controllers.
All PSC cards take advantage of Philips SmartCard TV technology. Inserting into the SmartCard card slot, the PSC cards use the TV's internal IR sensor, character generator, and tuner to deliver cost-effective network TV and media management. The cards are available optionally with external S-Video and composite AV input connections (shown above).
  • Controls Philips SmartCard TVs for cost-effective operation
  • Creates on-screen channel labels, messages interactive text menus, and system feedback using TV's onboard character generator
  • Receives wireless commands from IC-RC IR remote using TV's IR sensor
  • Delivers volume control for level and mute
  • Manages channel access using list of available channels (tuning ring) in controller memory
  • Delivers absolute power control with on/off feedback from TV
  • Interacts with Philips SmartCard TV's internal IR sensors, character generator, and tuner
  • Networks with up to 4,000 TVs through the ICC-HE or ICW-HE Head-End Network Controller (HE)
  • ICC1 units receive commands over the same RF cable as CATV channels
  • ICC2 units provide 2-way command and control with feedback over RF
  • Responds to individual and zone commands from a single RS-232 port on the HE
  • Provides LED feedback for network, control, and operation status
  • Restores all operation status after loss of power from data stored in non-volatile memory
  • Installs in Philips SmartCard slot on back of TV
  • PSC-series cover plates fit older Philips “P” series TVs, AV inputs optional on card
  • PSC2-series cover plates fit newer low-profile Philips TVs, AV inputs included on TV


ICC1-PSC2: Philips Smart Card 2, 1-way coax, low-profile cover plate
ICC2-PSC2: Philips Smart Card 2, 2-way coax, low-profile cover plate
ICC1-PSC: Older Philips Smart Card, 1-way coax, Philips "P" series TV
ICC2-PSC: Older Philips Smart Card, 2-way coax, Philips "P" series TV
ICC2-PSC/AV: Older Philips Smart Card, 2-way coax, A/V inputs, Philips "P" series TV

Last Modified: 5/17/2012