ICC2-VDC RS-232 Tuner Controller

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ICC2-VDC RS-232 Tuner Controller ICC2-VDC RS-232 Tuner Controller
  • ICC2-VDC RS-232 Tuner Controller
  • ICC2-VDC RS-232 Tuner Controller
ICC2-VDC RS-232 Tuner Controller

The ICC2-VDC Video Display Controller features an internal TV tuner for absolute channel access management and a character generator that outputs on-screen text for channel names, control functions, and interactive menus. An onboard RS-232 port controls most makes of video projectors, plasma monitors, and other displays. Front-panel control and LEDs keep users in touch with their system. Enjoy a full range of control choices with the optional IC-RC IR Wireless Remote, sensed by front-panel high-and low-frequency IR receivers.

High-speed 2-way control is possible through the same RF cable that carries the TV channels, creating networked operation of distributed media systems without adding control wiring. Compatible with the Contemporary Research Display Express software, the ICC2-VDC can be networked with up to 4000 TV and Video Display controllers. For custom systems applications, all ICC2-VDC units and other CR devices can be accessed from a single RS-232 port on an ICC-HE Head-End Network Controller.
Applications include media distribution and control for educational television systems, theme parks, museums, government facilities, arenas, convention centers, airports and corporate video networks.
  • Controls video projectors, plasma monitors, and other displays from RS-232 control port
    • Displays closed-captioning text
    • Creates on-screen channel labels, messages, text menus, and feedback using onboard character generator
    • Features built-in RF tuner for total control over TV channel access
    • Tunes in off-air, cable, HRC, or IRC modes
    • Receives wireless commands from optional IC-RC IR remote from internal IR sensors, external sensor optional
    • Delivers absolute volume control for level and mute
  • Manages channel access using programmable available channel list
  • Delivers absolute power control with RS-232 commands
  • Provides front-panel control for power, volume, and channel, and LED feedback for power, IR control, and network
  • Includes A/V inputs to display video from PCs, overheads, cameras and other local video sources
  • Inserts blue screen and mutes audio when loss of video signal is detected
  • Restores all operation status after loss of power from data stored in nonvolatile memory
  • Enables and disables front-panel control via iC-Net protocol
  • Sends RS-232 display commands from internal processor and memory
  • Mounts above, below, or near TV, optional RK2 surface mounting brackets available
  • Installs on video projector pole with PMT-1 mounting bracker
  • Updates firmware, RS-232 command library over iC-Net RF network

Last Modified: 8/16/2013