Putting Content in Your Hands, Where It Belongs

As technology progresses, so too should the way we receive the channels and content we want. Many corporations, houses of worship, community spaces, sports venues and small businesses want an A/V system that serves their specific needs, without going so far as to rent an expensive cable box that primarily receives content they don’t want. Many organizations need to broadcast their own in-house channels as well, making choosing the right system solution even more important. Simple and painless content integration and management shouldn’t be a challenge. At Contemporary Research, we understand that every RF system comes with its own unique set of needs and challenges, and we work hard to ensure we find the perfect fit.

It is important to be in control of your RF system, rather than letting the cable company determine what content you experience. Contemporary Research’s QMODs allow you to create your own in-house cable system, with as many channels as you need. You can even include digital signage, off-air channels, live video and cable channels, making your experience truly customizable.

Whereas in the past it was easy to just filter out a few channels and replace them with your own, the world of cable no longer works that way. Cable boxes won’t even register your own in-house channels, making them ineffective for your RF needs. The QMOD products are HDTV Modulators/IPTV Encoders that turn your standard analog and digital video signals in HDTV channels through a variety of HD, SD and AV inputs. Not only does every QMOD come with two channels, it comes with its own hardware scaler, meaning it automatically detects the necessary source resolution. With other products, you often have to pay extra for a scaler.

Not only that, but QMODs are smaller than many other options on the market, saving you space and therefore saving you money. Plus, with a quick install time and simple set-up that doesn’t require a computer or network, you can be ready to go right when you need to. Fast, compact and simple, QMODs are the perfect solution for your RF needs.

Taking control of your digital programming is incredibly important. Too often, companies want you to outsource it, costing you money and preventing you from managing your content in the way you need. Our QMOD HDTV Modulators/IPTV Encoders allow any business or venue to take control and have the content they need, when they need it. Our intelligent solutions give you picture perfect displays and industry-leading RF management. To find out how we can help you find the solution you need, or to contact one of our representatives, visit contemporaryresearch.com/contact today!