New QMOD/QIP Update Reduces Latency to 500 Milliseconds and adds RTP Streaming

QMOD-SDI HDMIContemporary Research announces that the latest QMOD Encoder-Modulator firmware update reduces end-to-end latency averaging 500 ms. End-to-end latency includes both the encoding and decoding delay for typical TVs; and unlike IPTV, there is no latency delivering the streams over RF. Sports venues with QMOD technology will now enjoy the lowest standard latency for dual-channel live broadcasting. Latency for houses of worship and other sites will be cut significantly as well.
It’s important to note that the new update adds low-latency encoding for all existing models of QMOD Encoder-Modulators. There are no special, extra-cost “sports” models to buy. System designers are free integrate to all kinds of inputs for their systems – HD SDI, HDMI, VGA, and Component – in any variety without limits.
QIP IPTV encoders will enjoy the same low-latency encoding options. The new update also adds RTP streaming to QMOD/QIP encoders for IP applications.
The best news is the update is completely free. Customers can go to, click on support, select the desired QMOD or QIP encoder and download the QMOD Update app. The software will update all QMOD and QIP models over Ethernet or a front-panel USB port.
”We created QMOD technology to be future-forward – fully adaptable in features and capabilities,” states Scott Hetzler, President of Contemporary Research. “For many AV products, updates are bug fixes, but the product stays essentially the same. Our updates are often advances, adding totally new skills. Last year, an update enabled two-channel encoding for all QMODs. Early this year, QMOD gained the ability to act as a full two-program MPEG4 IPTV encoder. Today, our new update cuts latency down to 500ms, becoming a powerful solution for live RF and IP video presentation. We also rounded out our IPTV options, adding RTP streaming.”
The firmware update is available on our website to all current customers and technical support is available Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm CST for assistance by calling 972-931-2728.