Residential Market

Home is where the media is, be it on land, sea, or in the air. While large-scale residential applications have historically used extensive (and expensive) twisted-pair video routing systems, HD video distribution is shifting to HDTV RF – for a number of good reasons.

RF is simple to implement, easily scalable, and far less expensive to integrate. No expensive interfaces to install (and replace when new standards arise) – TVs have HDTV tuners on board, so reception is free. The coax “backbone” can be branched at any point to add new TV viewing locations. Most importantly, the RF infrastructure is often in place.

Contemporary Research leads the way to HDTV media distribution with its QMOD series HD modulators. Content from satellite and cable receivers are converted to open-access HD digital cable channels, while HD scaler modulators distribute channels from security camera servers and other PC-driven media.

HDTV media systems are also a popular choice for yachts, as RF coax can easily carry HD signals for very long distances to many locations. RF is a hand’s down choice for HD retrofits, re-deploying the existing analog RF infrastructure to HD.