Retail Targeted Content Distribution

Featured in Sound and Video Contractor
March 2014

By Jessaca Gutierrez

The Ashley Furniture and City Furniture stores in South Florida provide their customers with an immersion of sound, video, and lighting as they shop. While the mattress section might play soothing music and video, the kid’s section is trussed out like a rock stage and screens play popular movies. Store ads play back intermittently, providing targeted sales information. Each of the 29 stores in the area has between 80 to 135 outputs from a host of video sources. Such a layered AV environment required a reliable, flexible HD distribution solution.

Francis Audio, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., has been the long-time integrator on the project with the first installation in 1990. “I knew how to take audio and video, modulate it and distribute it, just like we would do in a hotel,” says Philip Sori, president of Francis Audio, who drew upon his experience designing audio and video distribution infrastructures for hotels and resorts to create the multi-layered environments for Ashley and City.

The cornerstone of the system is a Contemporary Research QMOD-HD HDTV modulator and QCA9-33 Active combiner acting as the distribution hub. The modulators provide several content channels as well as additional feeds from the cameras located throughout the stores. The company most recently started its 30th installation in Cutler Bay, Fla. Here, a City Furniture and Ashley Furniture are next to each other and share a common pass-through and camera feed where the two buildings connect.

JBL Control 25T loudspeakers, Crown Audio CTs600 power amplifiers, Rane HAL processors, and Hall Research matrix switchers round out the system.

Contemporary Research QMOD-HD HDTV Modulator. The QMOD-HD HDTV modulator enables distribution of HD digital signage and HD subscriber sources using existing broadband coax cabling. It supports the distribution of satellite, cable, digital signage, and media sources as HD digital cable channels for viewing on any HDTV display or tuner and/or as a 720p/1080i MPEG-2 stream for broadcast. It accepts 720p/1080i/480p/480i VGA, component, or S-Video/Composite video; merges audio with video from analog stereo, digital optical, and coax inputs; and integrates with RS-232 control more online read this and other case studies on The Wire at briefingroom.