RF Design and Installation for Integrators Course Summary

We’ve had a lot of interest in the 2-hour course we’re offering in January in Dallas, so I’ve prepared a more complete description of what we will be covering.

In today’s commercial, civic and educational sites there are three key spokes in the “wheel” of media distribution networks; baseband UTP routing, IPTV over Ethernet, and recently, RF over coax.  All have a place and all can interconnect to meet media delivery needs and budgets. Of these, RF is the most established, runs on open standards and is a reliable, cost-effective medium – and often the least understood by AV integrators. In the past, RF was handled by the cable guys, but is now a growing, integral component of many AV installations.

This course is aimed at providing a core of information that allows the integrator to design and install typical RF applications they encounter. As integrators today are more aware of the features and applications of HDTV modulators, we’ll spend more of the course time on RF distribution; combining, channel insertion, working out amplification, and calculating attenuation in splitters, taps, and coax. The focus will be on practical, simple tools for estimating small to medium RF systems without getting into the higher science of large-scale RF system design.

The course is divided into four sections:

  • The New Basic Cable.  Sites are re-tasking RF coax to carry less commercial channels and more in-house, purpose-built channels. New applications are defined by the type of content and solutions for interactive control. The Old Basic Cable was an enterprise for the cable guys; the New Basic Cable is an opportunity for integrators.
  • HDTV 101. Understanding the terms and operation of RF systems and components.
  • Designing for the New Basic Cable. Designing for typical scenarios in integrator-driven applications, including combining, channel insertion and home-run, star, and daisy-chain RF distribution.
  • Working with large scale RF projects. This will be a Q&A session with consultant John Bilar from Spectrum Video. John has designed a number of large-scale RF projects, and has an intimate knowledge of the issues in RF distribution, and how to discuss RF technology with competing IPTV solutions.

Each participant will receive a memory stick with the PowerPoint show used for the course, as well as supporting resources and tools.

This is a 2RU InfoComm Accredited course that will be held on Friday January 11, 2013 from 9:30 to 11:30 AM in Dallas, Texas. If you are interested in attending, please click here to register, or for more information email us at contact@crwww.com.