Display Express TV Control Systems

Display Express TV Control Systems

At Contemporary Research, we look at RF systems through the lens of integration. For that reason, we created a facility-wide TV and media control system that operates over the same RF cable as the channels. In use for over 15 year, the system has proved to be extremely reliable and simplified site’s transition from analog to digital channels.

The success of Display Express control rests in its simplicity. Start with a selection of in-house channels, add our Display Express (DX) software or a custom control processor, distribute control over RF, then integrate controllers at each TV, monitor or projector.

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Instructions for Integrating Display Express RF Control

1. Channel Origination

  • QMOD HD Modulator/IPTV Encoders process media from SDI, HDMI, Component, RGBHV sources in to HD in-house channels.
  • RF outputs from the modulators are combined and amplified for site distribution.

2. Display Express Control

  • Operates from Windows Win 7/8 Pro, Windows Server
  • Available integrated in Display Express PC or software for site’s PC
  • Serves display control Web pages to PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Setup pages to create a database of controllers, group, channels and users.
  • Preset pages to create a database of commands linked to TVs.
  • Schedule pages and launch presets by date, time and cycle.
  • Create buttons for video paging alerts.
  • Web Control Panels can be created and assigned to users.
  • Preset panels trigger Presets from interactive buttons.
  • TV Control panels select TVs and change channels, volume, and power and sends commands to the ICE-HE-DXL.

3. ICE-HE DXL Control Channel

  • ICE-HE-DXL received commands from Display Express PC
  • Creates a micro control channel between 4 and 5 that combines with other RF channels

4. TV Controllers

  • Receive control channel, send the rest of the channels to the TV
  • Send RS-232 or IR commands to the TV for power, channel inputs and volume

5. Tuner Controllers

  • Tunes channels for use with video projectors and monitors
  • Receive the control channel and manages projector via RS-232