Save The Coax

Save The Coax

Contemporary Research has been a leading U.S. innovator and manufacturer of professional AV products for over 20 years with an emphasis on HDTV distribution, tuning, and control over RF coax and IP networks.

Why Save the Coax?
There are many reasons to use RF Coax to distribute HDTV channels but the main reason is Coax already exists. Many buildings already have Coax throughout their facility and can use it to distribute HD content easily and effectively. Here are a few other reasons why dealers choose RF Coax:

Affordable- Using existing coax saves clients money and pulling new cable is inexpensive.
Integrator Friendly- Installation is easy and it works with consumer televisions.

No distance limitations– Coax easily extends across large facilities.

Scalable– Coax allows hundreds of TV’s or channels to be distributed across facilities, and more can always be added later.

Controllable– Our Display Express Software can be inserted as a control channel that allows users to turn TV’s on and off, schedule or change content all from a web-based tool. The set-up is easy and  no programming experience is required.

Reliable– No expensive internet gear, support, servers or licenses are needed, Coax just works all the time and does not interfere with your network.

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