Restaurants & Sports Bars

Buffalo Wings and Rings

Restaurants and sports bars present an interesting mix of sports content, food, and entertainment.

Typically, such as in the Bufflalo Wigns and Rings venue in Indianapolis, about 8-14 QMOD-HD HDTV modulators broadcast HD channels from DirecTV receivers, with a few HD cable boxes thrown in to cover college sports. One or more QMOD-HDSC Scaler Modulators may be used to distribute sports stats signage.

Earlier installs employed twisted-pair or Component routing and wiring to deliver video. More and more are using HDTV because is very scalable – it’s easy to add any number of channels and destinations, and the signals travel over one wire.

Taking Control

The traditional approach has been to integrate the system using custom-designed Crestron or AMX touch panels. In most applications, control is all manual, with the bartender touching a TV on a map, then changing channels. RF-driven systems tend to use Display Express control – it uses the coax that’s already there, and the control protocols is standardized and reusable.

However, that’s changing as well. The latest version of Display Express software lets the site create custom TV control panels, where the bartender can touch a TV and take control. No extra programming is needed, and the touch panel is a standard iPad. In addition, sports venues such as PBR Sports Bar also use a schedule to automate channels selections and power.